January 26, 2011

Let him know that you know best because after all you do know best.

Some people have the tendency to challenge the opinions of others - without the effort to understand from another's perspective. THAT -- my friend, is actually called provocation. These people, they make rather irritating debaters, and never gone far in discussions, or conversations, even. Because oftentimes they frustrate themselves by being far too very very protective of their arguments. It's one thing to have heated dialogues, but to have to seal their desire to be victorious with a bitter "I don't want to talk about it anymore" or "that's your perception, not mine" only prove one's impoliteness. And a lot of times, right and wrong are not even applicable at all.
- words by kywc

Above is written by missmob it was exactly my sentiments too, far too long, far too many times I've been in situations like this, sometimes I don't care anymore. You asked, I've answered. I try not to take it to heart, but it's hard not to react, it's not everytime you can just walk out of a conversation.

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